Thursday, 25 August 2016

What now? It has been 6 years since last post!

Here is the explanation: A new Danish law! While I was building on the car, a strict law that made it almost impossible for normal people to register a converted electric car was passed. When I learned the new law I had to stop the project, lately I have been trying to find loopholes but being unable to find any I decided to try and get the law changed via a petition.

Link to the Petition (In Danish) click Here

One of the things it demands is a series of tests carried out at a certified inspection institute. All in all these tests and needed certifications has been estimated to cost 100,000.- DKR that is a sum that only a car manufacturer can afford thus it prevents all but the wealthiest hobbyists from getting a converted electric car in Denmark.

Another problem is point C of the announcement that restricts the placement of the battery pack to be between the front and rear axle center, this is insufficient space in almost all traditionally build cars to accommodate a reasonable size battery pack.

Before I can continue on the project the law will have to be changed.
This entails a lot of time consuming lobby work on the ministry and different parties and may not succeed.

In a worst case scenario I will sell the car to one of the neighboring countries in all of which the laws on converted cars are more reasonable.

See the video with the latest update from the project here: