Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Cargo Trike Needs a new Home

Need a Cheap electric ride that turns heads?

Head of a motorcycle body of a truck, you thought these creatures only existed in myths?

Because I need space and money I have decided it is time to pass on my Shining 500ES Electric cargo trike on. It is a factory build electric version of the Chinese cargo trike made by Shining Motors in 2007 and imported to Denmark. The only of its kind in Europe. and also the last in Europe since production of the 500ES ceased in 2009.

Here is the story:

It can be all yours for just 10000,- Danish Kroner
= about 1.340 EUR or 1.915 USD

Are you a trucker or a biker or are you just a little of both?

Perfect for your secret base, farm, factory, mill, home, museum, shop or mansion.
Just picture your evil minions hauling stuff around the secret lair on this.
Or you can haul the kids down to the swimming hole if you are more normal.

It comes complete with:
a brand new 12 Amp smart charger from 2011 that can be upgraded for Lithium batteries.
a battery-pack of 5 * 12 Volt 120 AH deep cycle lead acid batteries.
Below 100 Km on the odometer

½ Ton load capacity
100 Km range pro charge
45 Km/h maximum speed
Breaks on all wheels.

More Info:

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