Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Chapter 5: Controller Assembly

It was still in the middle of the cold winter when the assembly kit for the controller arrived.
The leave of absence, which I have taken from my education, had just started for me, so tugging away from the cold in my warm little workshop with an exiting project was a great way to start my year off.

I wished to document the assembly of the controller on video in both Danish and English. Unfortunately my mothers computer, on which the videos were stored, caught a virus and the people responsible for fixing the computer and preserving the data forgot to backup the entire D-drive where the videos was.

The result was that the only part of these recordings which was somehow preserved was this play-blast which I made while editing the video:

Through there was some accidents and dismay during the assembly of the controller, such as high import tax when I picked up the package, that awful virus and some confusion when I tested the control board on a too low power supply. It all came out functioning as it was supposed to. so in the end it had a happy ending:-)

As you can see it controlls the motor:

Go to 5:17 if you want to skip the talk and see it in action.

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