Friday, 15 October 2010

Chapter 2, Removing the engine.

The conversion starts.

This is a last look at the original two stroke 23 Hp engine.

The cold winter was finally over. Time to get out in the warm sun and work on the electric car. The motor, gas tank, exhaust system and everything else concerning internal combustion will need to be removed.

It is fun to notice how simple and easy a Trabant is constructed. I could remove everything with only a few essential tools. This is a car meant for people to be able to fix themselves I wish they would construct new cars with the same thing in mind

First thing to come out is the gas tank and parts of the exhaust system...

...And then the motor. which was so easy that it could be pooled out by hand.

Remember to mark the wires and cables going to and from the engine so you know which one to use and connect to the new electric components.

Wow it only took a day and now the engine compartment is totally empty and almost ready for the arrival of the electric motor. It was a fun and interesting experience to pool that motor out.

Then the grubby scullery maid task of cleaning the engine compartment, and believe me it was dirty...

...afterwards it is time to remove some rust. I chose to paint the gearbox so it would look nice next to my new motor.

The next day I could start taking measures for the new motor and the adaptor plate.

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