Monday, 11 October 2010


This blog is dedicated to the electric Trabant I am making in my spare time. Due to the fact that things are actually starting to happen around my project I now feel it is time to write a blog about it. And what better time to get my blog started than now as I wait for the 24 KW DC motor I have ordered.

Introduction to my project:

Around four years ago it came to my attention that a lot of armatures were driving around in electric cars they had build themselves from old conventional fueled cars. I was astonished back then to learn that you didn’t have to be an electric engineer in order to make such a thing function right and i was further surprised to learn that many of the cars they were building were both cheaper and better than many of the factory made electric cars. Full of eager I started to gather as much information on the subject as I could to prepare my self for the day where i would start such a project. And that day has come. in fact. it did so over half a year ago in February 2010

Something important?

This is taking place in Denmark, and as fare as I know this is the first time this type of armature electric car is being build in Denmark.
The Danish politicians and media is always talking on about the environment and saving co2. but most of their solution to the pollution and dependency of foreign oil created by our cars is to buy new and more fuel efficient cars... LAME!!! because:
1) New cars still pollutes!
2) Production of the new car and disposal of the old one creates a huge amount of pollution and uses a lot of energy.
3) Car efficiency toped in the late 80'ies there are not many changes left to do in order to make the internal combustion engine more efficient. plus a heavier shell and consuming air-condition means that you have to pick a smaller car in order to get a lower consumption and pollution.

But if I should somehow inspire some people out there to get hold of an old car, that perhaps otherwise would be sent to the scrapping yard, and refit it with an electric motor and a battery pack you would not only avoid the 3 issues mentioned, but if you did it in Denmark and charged the car at night, you would get pure renewable energy as the windmills (taking up 20% of our daily electricity production) produces all our energy at night when we are sleeping.

Until I get more time to write more, further information about my project can be obtained here:

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  1. Please advise as to your progress. Planning a Trabant Electric car since 1994, I am about to buy the motor after fixing the breaks.