Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Chapter ,2 ½ rust rust rust!!!

When I bought my Trabant I thought I was verry careful at checking the car for rust. apperently i overlooked two fist zized spots partly hidden by non corosive dünoplast parts where corotion had and was still having a party and turning my chassis into redbrown chunks of cornflakes.

Apparentley one of the cars former owners had tried to stop this by stufing old newspapers in the hole. Err... and when the car gets wet the papers soak and stays wet for more rust to come. "GOSH that was smart, that has to be dumbest way of dealing with rust, unless you are actually trying to get it to spread!"

It is a god thing that I know a nice workshop that deals with such things.

So of to the workshop it went.

Through fixing rust costs money I still got the trabant and rustwork at a price were it is still compensating for buying one in better condition.

But genneraly to all you out there. Try to get a fresh corps for your frankenstein!
-Yes master!

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